Posted by: acohen109 | January 25, 2009

Good afternoon on a warm, bright Sunday. I know I’m getting older because I’ve started looking back with fondness at the carefree days of my youth.

I’ve been thinking about the tendency of all these fun technologies we have going on to consolidate and swallow each other up. easy, conventional TV on mobile phones is imminent (very), and the mobile platform has already swallowed up email, browsing, knee jerk communication like IMs and texts, and god knows what else. Meanwhile, social media sites are becoming one as well, as Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. slowly take over the same responsibilities. It makes me wonder just how long it’s going to be until we just have…the Box, everyone’s entire life and anything they could possibly be interested in compacted and put into a single item.

It would save time, sure, and convenience ultimately is the word of the day in modern society, so it’s coming. But I really feel like there’s some kind of satisfaction that comes with searching for something and finding it. Thrill is way too strong a word, but everybody’s had to search something out on the internet and had that Eureka moment. Where we’re at now…Youtube is suggesting videos it thinks I might like, advertisements on gmail are customizing themselves to the content of my inbox, and it’s all contributing to an automaton-like experience. As a kid, the internet was about exploring. Now there’s almost a set path, and not only do i think it’s all missing the point, but I feel like it’s taking away from what drew a lot of people in initially.

Not that the internet’s going anywhere. So maybe I’m just going nuts.

OK here’s the most amazing site in the world this week:
You select around 15 pictures to upload, and a song, and it puts together an amazing, commercial quality (almost!) 30 second spot for you. They’ve got their own song collection as well. Wandering around my facebook profile is an exceptionally sappy video it created of my girlfriend and myself. At work, my boss and i were using promo stills for certain companies and we were loving the results. This site will make you happy, and it only takes a few minutes.

Aaaaaaaand cue the funny picture:



  1. Animoto is AMAZING. …. My opinion on the medium convergence issue you raise: none of ’em will go away. They’ll compliment one another and companies will organize it such that they monetize the relationship between mediums and design fun and engaging experiences that utilize the best of each medium and have us going from one to the other, and loving it.

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