Posted by: acohen109 | January 27, 2009

Shark fin shaped Ice

Just a short note today; wouldn’t want to be accused of stealing time.

An interesting thing happened here at my amazing place of employment just now that has struck a chord with me.

Wow, with a hook like that, how could anyone not read on? Fascinating stuff to follow, I’m sure.

Yes, I provide my own sarcastic commentary, because I’m interested in saving you time.

Anyway, in a nutshell, a big ol’ chunk of cash had been set aside to create a Canadian version of a Drupal site…but ultimately you can just transfer the Theme settings from one site to another. The second this was pointed out, the chunk o cash flew out the window. Good for the client, bad for the developers.

The whole ordeal really got me thinking about the depreciation of technology values. Goods and services that were $100,000 a year ago are $10,000 now, and next year they’ll be free. There are so many small development firms/groups that the undercutting going on just to acquire business from reputable companies is also contributing to this decline. The obvious answer to this conundrum is to keep finding and implementing that next “big thing.” Once it was facebook and Twitter. Now it’s mobile apps and the like. Finding out what’s next is a big part of getting paid these days.

I’m a firm believer in finding conventional and new uses for old junk. As the world moves on and everything becomes devalued and easily accessible, innovation is IMO going to be more valuable than the platforms themselves.

This blog has become far too stream-of-consciousness-y for me. Next time: thematic structure and possibly annotated outlines.

I’ll dig up a legitimate tech-related link for later, but for now the site that accompanies my post is going to be my beloved Qwantz, home of dinosaurs.

Bonus site:

Yes, shark fin shaped ice. They even float upright. Excellent.



  1. Interesting point about the decreasing cost for technology. I’ve often used the analogy of desktop publishing…. Used to be bad a$$ if someone could make a newspaper. Now anyone can do so, thanks to desktop publishing. We may soon see similar changes related to web pages, programming, even game and app development. The more folks that can do something, the less they can charge for it, methinks.

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