Posted by: acohen109 | January 31, 2009

The Internets, they are bad for you

Google does good. And yet, due to some glitch (yes) or remarkable foresight (no), every site could harm your computer. Probably not good for business. Somehow though, i do think people will forgive Google, if only because they have no other choice; it is entirely pervasive.

Maybe it’s still doing good. After all, displaying a page on your browser permanently stores a ghost of it somewhere in your comp, jah? It’s why computers slow down after a while, the information piles up after keeping track of everything that your computer has been up to. Google brings people more internet than ever before, so really it’s possible that your computer is indeed being harmed by every site out there.

Or it’s a glitch and I’m still just throwing things to the wall. But I still think an occurrence like this, when Google has always appeared to be so infallible, is noteworthy.

Everybody has seen the Twitter fail whale (right?) and gone, “oh, that whacky Twitter, they’re just too popular for their own good. They may even be doing it on purpose to drive demand.” Even Facebook shuts down sometimes. every major site has downtime to clean up for maintenance. Google never gets a break, and besides that is the most used and popular site on the internet. Something like this is still shocking to most people though, because of google’s perceived invincibility. I guarantee there are a dozen start-up search engines doing dances right now, just because there might be a crack in the Google armor. When you’re as big and dominant as they are, showing any kind of vulnerability is going to stoke the competition’s fires, and that’s a lesson that can be applied to basically anything.

To sum up, here is Failblog;



  1. Can’t believe google actually warned about being harmful, how very out of character! so far yet so close…

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