Posted by: acohen109 | February 4, 2009


That’s the Twitter account of QTip, who you may or may not know as the frontman for the legendary Tribe Called Quest, for my money responsible for some of the best music the 90s had to offer.

Anyway last week he repped a product we represent here at GH so I got to tap him and say thanks. We exchanged a few direct messages…I managed to keep my professionalism together enough to not drool. Anyway his Twitter account is actually pretty funny, I recommend it.

Freaking Q Tip, come on! In honor of the occasion, I present a Tribe lyric modified by my friend Josh. Although slightly vulgar, it makes me laugh, so excuse me in advance.

I go to the bar to find some twitter.
But I was always told that I will never find worthwhile twitter at the bar.
For that I go to church or the library.
Everybody love library twitter.

And there you have it.



  1. That’s proper info! I’m drooling already… I love A Tribe Called Quest! So does Jay btw.. And it wasn’t in any of those Twitter celebrity spreadsheets that I scrolled. Big up!

  2. thanks for the “Q-Tip” haha I’m lame. Let’s invite him to class!

    • Believe me, I tried.

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