Posted by: acohen109 | February 9, 2009

The New Kindle is here

Go Away Kindle

OK let’s be serious for a moment.

The kindle is the death of conventional literature and should not be tolerated. I guess it was inevitable. Every day there are new tricks, gadgets, and reasons to stay connected to a screen. Already, there were thousands of books available on the internet. But the Kindle is so viciously easy and effective that for the first time I believe the “Book” is in serious danger.

I might be biased. I’ve spent quite a few years of my life in a hybrid bookstore/art gallery.

You can find a few of my dad’s works on the Kindle. I know because he looked them up, and was all giggly. Disgusting. He is being neglected. Writers are being neglected by the kindle. But more importantly, readers are getting cheated out of real book reading experiences.

Blah blah, I’m not going to get into that amazing book smell, or the entirely weird experience that people are having as we speak of curling up in bed during a rainstorm and reading…a Kindle. Come on. Not even power outages will stop this thing; at least books on the internet had a kryptonite.

I’m glad that this thing might popularize reading just a tad, god knows there’s not enough of it going on. and during a crappy economy I get that this thing is easier, cheaper, and more convenient than running out and picking up new books. But ultimately, who is reading their favorite novels because of how easy they are? 1st graders?

To me at least, reading is part muscle memory and part instinctual and there’s a legit sense of comfort that cracking upon a book can endow upon my psyche. But it appears to be headed in the direction of the horse drawn wagon; something you only see in Museums. It makes me quite sad. I can only hope that, like snail mail, books will stubbornly remain in the public consciousness for decades to come.

But there’s a Borders closing down a few minutes from my house. It’s the same Borders that shut down all the local independent bookstores. This is turning out to be a fairly depressing blog entry.

Do you know the best way to cheer someone up after talking about something depressing? Leave abruptly.



  1. My personal prediction: There will always be printed books… If for no other reason than that there will always be texts with controversial positions that folks won’t tied to their digital footprint.

    The “book business” like the “music biz” and the “tv and film biz” might be in trouble, books, music and entertainment will go on in some form.

    I mean, vinyl’s still around and the reasons for its continued presence are far lesser than books.

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