Posted by: acohen109 | February 19, 2009

Big Mac

This makes me laugh; anticipation about a GPS system for the iphone completely shut down by…a previously downloadable GPS system. Apple recently lightened up its tactics on duplicate apps. Good thing, because they are officially ripping off independent developers.

It’s not like this is a brand spanking new idea; GPS has been around forever, and this was all only a matter of time. But it’s the principle of the darn thing. And principle, as always, is a double edged sword.

Apple sponsored GPS app; good for consumers. Probably runs a whole lot cleaner and smoother than the independent version currently available. I guarantee it will end up prettier. Overall, a better project.

Bad for: developer. Their mojo is being stolen and repackaged, which is sad because they essentially beat Steve Jobs and co. to the punch and are going to get screwed out of what they probably deserve.

Good or bad for Apple; we’ll have to see how it shakes out. Ultimately they can’t go around stealing from the people who are putting time and innovation into these apps for too long; it will bite them in the ass. Independent iphone apps will spur creativity and development into places the official team would never have a chance to reach. They’ll even screw themselves if they only cherry pick the best apps; after all, every developer thinks their app is amazing and the best.

Apple currently controls the mobile market but that might not hold up forever and overall I can’t say I approve of this tactic, even if it’s just an example. Just another example of disguised evil.



  1. So based on your argument, every time a developer makes a better version of an application that may already exist somewhere, s/he’s stealing someone else’s thunder? I think it’s a great conversation, but I come down on the other side of the fence. I say if you can make something better, than get in the game and compete!

  2. Also, it may not be a bad thing for a developer’s project to get blessed by Apple & Jobs… I imagine that might open a few doors.

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