Posted by: acohen109 | February 24, 2009

How to correlate Telekinesis, Playing Cards, and Vomit in one blog post

The Mindflex Game

Yay the Mindflex is upon us. You wear a headband, you focus very intently on the little ball, and you move it with your mind. There’s even an obstacle course.

What is the relevance to New Media? Well for my money this is the greatest invention of all time. Telekinesis! And besides they are a prospective client and I’ll be working up a New Media campaign for them, so there.

I think there’s definitely some crossover between the New Media crowd and the “I’m excited because this game lets me move objects with my mind” crowd.

Okay, onto something a little more relevant; I’m going to be transferring this blog over to another address fairly soon; I’ve set up blog networks a few times now and there are serious benefits to being able to access the FTP client. For one thing, it will be so much easier to transfer over my favorite theme/setup, namely because the updated version is lame. Luckily I still have an archived copy to upload.

My beloved laptop is currently in the shop. Would anyone like to guess why? Barring prior knowledge (aka looking at my facebook) I doubt any reasonable person could guess: There were “multiple playing cards, and a disk” wedged into my CD-Drive. …well I know how the disk got there. I put it there. The playing cards? Absolutely no clue. There have been no small children around my laptop. I know of no one with an outright grudge against me, at the moment. I’m very curious as to how many playing cards were actually stuck in my drive. The entire ordeal is distressing. Maybe they were stuck to the CD? But more than one…how could I not have noticed? It is a complete mystery.

There was a time that a friend of mine got way too drunk and threw up, and in the middle of the vomit; an iron nail. Did he consume it? and not notice? impossible. Was it on the floor the entire time and no one noticed? Extremely unlikely. The point is, sometimes things just happen and no one has any idea why or how.

It has been pointed out to me that if all the cards are Jokers or something, I’ve probably been targeted for death, to which my only response is that, so far, I have lived a life without regrets and salute you all.



  1. Perhaps the cards were placed remotely by someone skilled in the ways of telekinesis…?

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