Posted by: acohen109 | March 9, 2009


So as some of you may or may not know, I got this job by feverishly attempting to drag many of Golin Harris’ clients into the world of New Media. For such a huge PR firm it was ridiculous that there was no specialization going on; in hindsight it is not so surprising:

The client list is made up of a lot of old school companies. Big names, sure, but if you’re big, you’re not new, and if you’re not new, you apparently hate New Media. Did anyone get through that maze of commas?

Well I made progress today. Got onto the team for the California Avocado Commission; run by old schoolers 100% but they’re down for an internet revamping. Will it be restricted to Facebook and Twitter? ah ha, no. Microsites, yay. Blog Networking, yay. Youtube channels, w00t. I’d love to spill some of the ideas getting thrown around here but I feel like that’s unethical, it may have to wait. Either way I like avocados so I’m excited.

Meanwhile, I have to whip up a widget that counts down to Cinco De Mayo, along with daily avocado related recipes. I’ve never actually used sproutbuilder before but it doesn’t exactly seem daunting.

Question though; I’d love to just purchase the “individual” account because those are the only tools and analytics I need, but the bandwidth, Scotty, the bandwidth! If this stupid widget gets downloaded 5,000 times the “individual” account isn’t going to cut it. Suggestions? I wish we could just take the hosting elsewhere, I’ll have to see if that’s doable.



  1. Alex, I don’t know much about sproutbuilder, but check out Amazon S3. Basically it’s a really cheap storage solution that lets you host frequently-accessed files for a few pennies a gb. That way you can store that one widget for downloading externally, and link to it from the main site.

  2. I want an Avortia!!!

  3. I want an Avorita!!!

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