Posted by: acohen109 | March 23, 2009

Flowers always have an even number of petals when I pick them

Sooo…Jason Calacanis likes me. At least, I think he likes me. He’s at least asking his friends about me, that’s something.

Yesterday on a podcast called “This Week in Tech” (Twit) (Odeo) Jason, Kevin Rose, Dan Patterson, and quite a few other people from the rogue’s gallery were discussing the future of social media.

Someone (sorry I’m just not great at voice recognition) mentioned how cool it would be if you could say something like “I’m having a wedding” and Twitter would be so on the ball that things relating to weddings started coming to you. Someone else on the panel was sweet and nice enough to mention that there’s this company out there called Zicam that will pick up on people complaining about colds and tweet them coupons. That’s an interesting correlation to begin with, but I love the whole idea of social media servicing needs, that’s what I’m into this for.

More on topic: here today we have Mr. Calacanis asking his 63,000 tweet followers what the name of the Twittering cold medicine co. was. Ace that I am, I hopped onto Radian6 and found about 50 people chattering back at him within a minute.

I asked him to re-tweet our coupon. Stupid? Offensive? Zero percent chance of success? Definitely. But what have I got to lose, showing off the coupon numbers to my superiors is great because it’s all legitimate interest in the company. More than anything else I’m just happy a ton of people on Twitter know about Zicam and that slowly, surely, some kind of rep is evolving. It’s still a tiny account but the ratio between coupon usage and actual distribution-by-tweet is phonomenal.

The people, they like-a da coupons. They love-a da retweeting. It’s all good for me.

Also, John Mayer loves Twitter more than Jennifer Aniston. Duh.

Edit: I really have to stress that I’m on a ton of great accounts and do a lot of fun things that go beyond the Digital Media arm of the Zicam campaign. But you know what, few of those things let me interact with the public and public figures like this one, so that’s why it’s going to be mentioned.


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