Posted by: acohen109 | April 24, 2009

Tom was kind of a crappy friend anyway

Van Owen Out
Tom Out too. Myspace is DEAD

Not too long ago, I was visiting MySpace and Tom was in a meeting, too busy to speak to APOC. Well I hope that meeting was about his imminent canning because that’s the only way you justify brushing me off, fool.

Coincidentally everything they were feeding us was a lie; Myspace isn’t in direct competition with Facebook? I guess it’s not a competition after one side gets creamed.

Myspace isn’t actually dead. I’m sure they will languish around for quite some time, like the that balding guy who used to show up to my friends’ house parties. They’ve got a lot of potential directions to go in and honestly they could pull a rabbit out of a hat; I do believe that there needs to be a variety of social networking sites available and MySpace and FB have been firing away at each other for so long I’m sure they’ll continue out of habit, despite the hiring of a Facebook exec to run the MyShow.

But faced with a radical redesign and repurposing and officially out of its depth standing next to Facebook and Twitter, Myspace needs to come out swinging and hit a home run in the early innings if it wants to retain (regain?) any sort of credibility. This changeover has been overdue for a while now, and the next steps, whatever they end up being, will be very interesting.

So the moral, which in encapsulated very concisely in the following image, is that its possible to find upside in a downside.




  1. The good news for MySpace…. They know they are/were going down, so now they’re gonna partner with EVERYONE. And who knows — maybe after a while they’ll have lots and lots of friends, while Facebook is still playing the role of snobby leader. It seems that NOT being top dog brings some flexibility that can lead to better results.

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