Posted by: acohen109 | April 27, 2009

B.I.O.N., I’m making this happen

Believe it or not. Yes that’s right internet, it’s time for a new, handy, practical acronym, to fall into line with the likes of BRB, ASAP, OMG, and ROFLMAO. Just watch. You’re going to start seeing it allll over the place.

I may even create a hashtag, that’s how for-goshdarn-serious I am about this. Maybe I will just retweet a bunch of crazy stories with it. OR recruit Ripley’s Believe It or Not and convince them that their current title is way too long and clunky to be popular, and that they need to get on the BION wagon.



  1. Agreed. I think it is time.

  2. BION, I came up with an acronym once too, but it never really caught on. MHIOFAIDHTTCTC (My house is on fire and I don’t have time to continue this conversation)

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